Contacts links closely with both Mail and Calendar so is best considered part of the 'package'. If you enter details of all your contacts, as well as having instant searching, you can address envelopes, print labels, form groups to send e-mails to etc.

Links to Mail

When you start to type an address in Mail, it looks in your Contacts for the name and completes the address for you. If you create a group of friends - say Tennis Club - you can send a copy of an email to all of them by typing Tennis Club as the To address. (You can select whether all the recipients see each others addresses or not.)

Links to Calendar

If you show the birthdays calendar in Calendar, it collects its data from the entry in Contacts - you cannot alter birthdays directly in Calendar.

Synchronising with other devices

It's easy to synchronise your Contacts with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using iCloud. This way, any additions or changes you make on one device are also made on the other(s). See the iCloud section for more information.