Getting On Line

What's Needed?

We're going to assume that you have a broadband account either down your telephone line or one of the new fibre services. You will need :

There must be hundreds of companies competing for your business. We try not to advise on which ISP is best as details change but it's worth having a look to see if their support pages offer support for Macs.

Most will now offer speeds of up to 8Mb/s (much faster using fibre) which is plenty fast enough but there are factors such as your telephone line and your distance from the exchange which will affect your speed.

Some will impose download limits and for most people 10Gb per month should be adequate unless you intend online gaming or download lots of music or movies.

Most ADSL routers will now come with one or two microfilters and all the cables to connect them. You will need a microfilter for the router itself and every other phone, fax machine etc. in the house. Some ISPs offer a free router if you sign up with them.